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About Us

Who we are

Welcome to PuzzMind, where the journey of self-discovery and intellectual enrichment begins! At PuzzMind, we believe in the power of the mind to explore, learn, and grow. Our platform is dedicated to providing a diverse range of content and products that cater to the multifaceted aspects of personal development.

With a collection of self-published books, we invite you to embark on a transformative experience across three distinct categories:

1. Activity & Puzzle Books:

Engage your mind in a playful yet meaningful manner with our collection of Activity & Puzzle Books. These pages are filled with challenges, brainteasers, and creative exercises designed to stimulate your cognitive abilities and bring joy to learning.

2. Self-Help Books:

Explore the realm of personal growth and introspection through our Self-Help Books. Dive into topics that inspire positive change, offering practical insights and actionable advice for cultivating a more fulfilling and balanced life.

3. Summary & Workbooks:

For those seeking condensed wisdom and actionable takeaways, our Summary & Workbooks provide a quick yet impactful journey through key concepts and lessons from various subjects.


Explore our BLOG page, where we share thought-provoking articles on habits, time management, productivity, psychology, self-help, parenting, and more. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge curated to enhance your daily life and mindset.

Products for Mind

Discover a carefully curated selection of products sourced from e-commerce stores. From puzzles that challenge your intellect to crafts that spark creativity, each item is chosen with the intention of enhancing and stimulating your mind.

Our Vision

PuzzMind envisions a world where individuals embrace continuous self-improvement and the pursuit of knowledge. We are dedicated to being your companion on this journey, providing resources and insights that empower you to unlock your full potential.

Reach out to us

Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us at Your insights are valuable to us as we strive to create a platform that truly resonates with your needs. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your contribution to making PuzzMind a space for continuous improvement and enrichment.

Join Us on the Path to Mindful Living:

Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, a seeker of self-help wisdom, or someone on a quest for mindful living, PuzzMind welcomes you. Join our community and embark on a voyage of self-discovery, personal growth, and a more enriching life. Unleash the power of your mind with PuzzMind – where learning meets leisure, and self-discovery is a lifelong adventure!